About Us


Global Youth Groove is a 501(c) 3 Boston-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of youth and children in Kenya by providing them with an opportunity to develop their musical abilities.


Our vision is to be a lead organization within international exchange programs that works with worldwide communities and values their unique cultures and traditions through music by 2017.


Innovation: We pursue creativity by providing our students with a state-of-the-art facility conducive to the production and exploration of music.

Excellence: We promote exceptional, high quality performances by musicians from all over the world.

Uniqueness: We believe that the youth of the world have a solitary musical talent that awaits to be unleashed.

Reciprocity: We are committed to giving back to our communities.

Ethics: We act with accountability and transparency to build trust with communities.

Global Youth Groove enhances and broadens the musical abilities of the youth. Currently, the organization has a community center in Kakamega, Western Kenya. This space enables the youth to develop their musical talents by giving them access to music instruction, various musical instruments and music technology. Global Youth Groove also provides a platform for Kenyan musicians and young musicians from the U.S who have a passion for philanthropy, to give back to underprivileged communities. The musicians work both one on one and collaboratively with students in order to provide them with the adequate training necessary in enhancing their music skills.

Our goal is to empower the youth in such a way that it enables them to play instruments both individually and in an ensemble setup. They will also be able to design and work on self-selected music projects using both western and traditional musical instruments. We believe that the program will not only help the youth nurture their talents but it will also give them a platform to express themselves in ways that they could not previously do. In addition to personal development, they will be able to acquire soft skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership. Our studio will provide the community with industry-standard equipment and software on which they can record and produce their music.  Our volunteers from the states will teach the students and local artists how to digitize their songs so they can be distributed online using social media and other online music stores, such as iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby amongst others.

We hope that the youth who will learn music at our center will eventually record or present their music in various forums as well as teach others for a fee. To prepare them for this future, we will teach them modern music business practices that will give them the skills needed to earn and handle revenue from their music and acquire a good work ethic as well as life skills. We believe the program will ultimately help the youth develop into well-rounded individuals and role models who can then go on to be catalysts of change within their communities. Importantly, we aim to teach our youth to give back to the Center and the community at large. Giving back to the Center will not only allow for the sustainability of the space but it will also encourage a culture of reciprocity.

Volunteers from the US will not only get an opportunity to be immersed in a different culture but will also embark on a tour- Safari, where they will participate in music and dance from all over Kenya. The benefits of working in a culturally diverse environment will give them the chance to explore their various music interests.

We are currently collaborating with music educators in Kenya and the U.S in designing a special curriculum that will be used by the volunteers to teach music at the center. The curriculum will focus on ensuring musical development without compromising students’ regular academic learning. We are also working with local leaders and educators in Kakamega to expand our community center and develop a sustainable program that would continue to be used in its operations throughout the year as well as introduce traditional musical instruments such as marimba, isukuti and eshiriri that will be taught in classes by experts from the community.

Global Youth Groove is the first and only program of its kind in Kenya. There is a demand for music programs in the region and our organization is committed to meeting it all while enhancing the lives of the youth as they are accorded the opportunity to realize their dreams and pursue their passions.