Programme Details

What is the activity

  • To teach music and music technology in underprivileged communities in Kenya
  • To design cultural exchange program where American students visit Kenya to volunteer in teaching music and also learn traditional music
  • To donate music instrument, recording and production equipment to community centers in Kenya
  • Train the youth and children in western Kenya how to play the above instruments and how to record and produce their music projects.
  • Help initiate a community center where local youth will have access to the above music instruments and equipments.
  • Work with the community leaders and educators on a sustainable plan for the center
  • Setup a modern studio with Industry standard Music Recording and Production equipment and Software
  • Perform with renowned Kenyan artists and Musicians
  • Participate in clinics and workshops with Kenyan Musicians
When is the activity conducted: June 27th 2012 July 17th 2012

Where is the activity conducted: Nairobi and Kakamega Kenya

Who conducts the activity:

  • Global Youth Groove officials
  • Sammy Lutomia Founder/President
  • Lori Lobeinstein  Board Member
  • Sagit Zilberman Secretary
  • Amanda Willey Treasurer
Student Volunteers
  • David Chapman – Guitar
  • Hannah Christianson – Singer Songwriter
  • Jason Sibi Okumu – Songwriting
  • Nathan Gilberg – Bass
  • James Miring’u Kamwati – Music Ed. Voice
  • Garrett Frierson – Songwriter
  • Aaron Colverson – Violin
Supporting Organizations in USA
  • Berklee College of Music
  • ASCAP foundation
  • D’Addario & Company, Inc.
  • Music Go Round Natick Mass.
  • First Act
Kenya Partners
  • Permanent Presidential Music Commission
  • Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
  • Kakamega High School
  • Divine Children’s Orphanage Kakamega
  • Friends of Kakamega Orphanage
  • Shangilia Orphanage Nairobi
  • Sarah Mitaru – UN – Habitat Messenger of truth/Operations
  • Francis Lutomia – Mentor/Advisor
  • Wycliff Shivachi – Educator, musician
  • Onzere Mulongo – Music educator/Advisor
  • Robert Alusiola – Educator , Historian and traditional musician
Global Youth Groove and its volunteers are not planning to gain financially from this program. All the donations raised are intended to go towards facilitating operations of the program both in the states and in Kenya.